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Watch the replay of our May 7, 2024 webinar in English. Watch in Spanish here

The restrictions on corn are part of a broader program to reduce the use of chemical inputs like glyphosate and expand markets for farmers. At the same time, many U.S. farmers are eager to supply consumer demand in Mexico for non-GMO corn, countering the U.S. government’s assertion of economic harm.

Webinar speakers & presentation slides

  • Josefina Rosas, Asociación Nacional de Empresarios Productores del Campo (ANEC), Prodution Area Manager Presentation slides in English and Spanish
  • Angela Huffman, Farm Action, President
  • Ken Roseboro, Non-GMO Report, Editor/Publisher — Presentation slides in English and Spanish
  • Moderator: Timothy A. Wise, IATP, Senior Advisor

About the Webinar Series 

This webinar is part of our three-part webinar series, "Who decides on food policy? Pushing back on the U.S.-Mexico corn dispute." The Mexican government has restricted the use of genetically modified (GM) white corn for human consumption and glyphosate as part of its broader program for food self-sufficiency and agroecology. Last August, the U.S. government launched a trade dispute, falsely asserting that these rules violate provisions in the U.S-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). 

This case underscores how trade policy can be misused to undermine countries’ democratic efforts to reshape their domestic food systems. Civil society organizations in Mexico, Canada and the U.S. have pushed back, including by filing formal submissions under the USMCA dispute resolution process.

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