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Dec. 2011 Radio Sustain: OWS, "feeding the world" and the COP17 climate talks

The Occupy Wall Street movement has grown both exponentially and internationally since its beginning in July 2011 from an Adbusters call to action.

Used under creative commons license from NYC♥NYC

In the latest episode of Radio Sustain, IATP President Jim Harkness looks at the myriad of ways in which the Occupy Wall Street movement interacts with IATP's work, and what IATP has done to get involved. "I'm incredibly inspired by it," he says, "I think it's taken off because it speaks to people about what their real needs are, and what deep down they've always perceived has been the problem."

Next, we talk to Julia Olmstead about her latest report, Feeding the World? Twelve Years Later, U.S. Grain Exports Are Up, So Too Is Hunger, and its finding that the tired agribusiness soundbite about increased U.S. exports "feeding the world," is disingenuous. For more on the report, read her latest blog, "Feeding the world, or not."

Finally, we connect with Karen Hansen-Kuhn as she prepares to leave for the climate talks in Durban, South Africa, and get the scoop on her expectations for the talks, and what outcomes we may expect versus what would be ideal. "I think there's a real danger that the commitments that have been made already won't be honored moving forward," she remarked. "But, the way we're looking at this is focusing on the long term. What are the structures we need to set in place now so there can be progress in the future?" Read her latest blog entry on the state of the Durban talks for more.

Listen to IATP's December 2011 episode Radio Sustain.