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As a new policy on the Think Forward blog, we are going to set aside an occasional post to welcome and introduce new staffers to our readers—welcoming them to the organization and highlighting the work they’re taking on in helping further our mission for fair and sustainable food, farm and trade systems.

Over the late spring and summer, IATP has welcomed a group of new staffers in various roles and we’re excited to have them on board as start breaking ground on new work. Their help has already proved invaluable.

Kristen Frank, our new administrative assistant, is the new face of IATP, the voice on the phone, the person at the front desk, a greeter at events, and the one who keeps everyone and everything on the first floor organized.

Yohannes Ghebru is our new finance assistant, in charge of accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and benefits management. In his first few months he has been acquainting himself with IATP’s new accounting software and learning all the ins and outs of the benefits package.

Rachel Grewell is a program assistant working with the Healthy Legacy coalition on Minnesota chemical policy reform and on IATP’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, both supporting the production and use of everyday products without toxic chemicals.

Catherine Reagan has joined as a program assistant involved in many and varied pieces of IATP’s current work—one day sorting out Working Landscapes data, the next delivering Minnesota Grown directories to childcare providers throughout the Metro area, the next diving into research about locally grown and processed grains and pulses.

Tara Ritter has joined as a program associate for climate and agriculture. Her first months have been spent compiling resources on rural climate issues, working on advanced biofuels, and updating a paper on agroecological farming practices and their ability to mitigate climate change.

Learn more about all of our staffers on IATP’s staff page. Your support helps IATP maintain a talented staff that design, build upon and advance our work for a better world. Donate now.