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IATP produces mountains of research and analysis every year. It's hard to keep up with, even for us on staff! Fortunately, we had a great intern, Johan Cavert, over the summer who helped us relaunch our podcast, under the title Uprooted. Johan did a great job creating a compelling, but light-hearted narrative look at the very complex topic of international trade. 

Our first series of episodes compliment the stream of work we've been releasing on NAFTA. We start with the very basics of how trade works, and move into more detailed analysis of just what NAFTA has done over the last 23 years to food and agriculture around the world. So, if you haven't been digging through our NAFTA portal, you can take a listen to the first two episodes below when you're in your car, cleaning your house, or on a run. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more episodes! We hope to have these up on the normal podcasting outlets, like iTunes, Google Play, etc. shortly. But, for now they're here on the site.

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