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Uprooted is the podcast from IATP, hosted by Director of Development and Communications, Josh Wise. IATP's work touches many areas from the international to the local arenas, and Uprooted aims to put our work in understandable terms while connecting the dots to how what happens in the global arena is felt locally, and what localities can do to solve global problems. 

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Special Uprooted: Food Freedom Radio - NAFTA 2.0

Josh, Dr. Steve Suppan, and Karen Hansen-Kuhn were guests on AM950's Food Freedom Radio with Laura Hedlund. This show, on the NAFTA renegotiation, will air over Thanksgiving, but we're thankful to Laura for letting us put it out on the podast as well! 

Uprooted Episode 50 - State Climate Referenda

Josh talks with Ben Lilliston, Director of Rural Strategies and Climate Change, about climate change initiatives on the ballot on November 6, and other activities some states are up to in addressing climate change. Update: It appears both measure discussed in the podcast have failed. 

Uprooted Episode 48: Paying out trade aid to Smithfield

Josh talks with Steve Suppan about how the aid, intended for farmers to ease the pain that was inflicted due to the trade war with China, is, in fact, likely ending up in the coffers of a Chinese owned corporation, Smithfield, and other ways in which the giant hog corporation is pushing its costs onto tax payers.