Farm to School Spotlight: Foley Public School District

Foley Public Schools were among the first to launch a Farm to School Program in Minnesota. Director of Child Nutrition Services Cheryl Pick heard about Farm to School while serving on the board of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) and brought the program to Foley in 2010. Foley Public Schools, located northwest of the Twin Cities, serve 1,900 students across three schools.

[Watch] Introduction to the MinneAg Network

The MinneAg Network is a project of IATP, co-led with the Land Stewardship Project, MN 350 and the Minnesota Farmers Union, that brings together organizations from around Minnesota to champion nonpartisan food and farm policy solutions that protect communities, farmers and the climate. In this video, IATP's Erin McKee introduces the network and its priorities for the 2024 Minnesota legislative session.