Assembly required

While the food movement gains steam and several hundred good food advocates across the country gear up after the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s annual Food and Community Gathering, it may be worth our while to stop for a moment and reflect.

The Gap Minds Itself

"WHEN I DECIDED TO JOIN GAP INC. IN the fall of 2002," writes Paul Presser, president and CEO of the clothing giant behind the Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic brands, "one of the first things my teenage daughter asked was, 'Doesn't Gap use sweatshops?'"

EU To Propose Radical Revamp Of Sugar Subsides

The European Union's top agriculture official is looking to radically overhaul the EU's sugar support system in response to charges that the subsidies distort world trade and hurt poor countries, his office said Thursday. Franz Fischler, the EU's agriculture commissioner, will submit his proposals to other commissioners for a vote in mid-July, said spokesman Gregor Kreuzhuber.