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Working Landscapes Certificates 2011 Producer Responsibilities and Required Practices


 2011 Producer Responsibilities and Required Practices

a. Producer will complete a Crop Farm Plan (the "Farm Plan") to the satisfaction of IATP. The Farm Plan will include information on the Producer’s general agricultural practices as well as a statement that Producer will comply with the following criteria during the growing season on the Contracted Acres:

i. Crops grown on Contracted Acres are fertilized according to state recommended agronomic criteria (including crediting for manure, legumes, etc.);

ii. Producer uses an approach on Contracted Acres to pest management that is intended to reduce chemical use in weed and pest management;

iii. Producer will restrict the use of certain chemicals on Contracted Acres as described in Exhibit A attached to this Agreement;

iv. Producer will have obtained a soil test on the Contracted Acres within the last three years.

v. Producer will leave at least 70 percent crop residue on the Contracted Acres at harvest and throughout the winter of (year)

vi. In addition, Producer agrees that any corn grown during the (year) growing season on the Contracted Acres must meet the following criteria:

1. Must be of a non-GMO variety approved by IATP.

2. Must be raised in a way to minimize cross-variety pollination.

3. Must not be planted on field that was in the same crop in the prior or following year (no continuous annual crop production on the same acreage)

b. Producer will ensure that crops grown on Contracted Acres are kept separate from all other crops during harvest to allow assessment of actual yield. Copies of all scale and sale data will be required as proof of yield and delivery.

c. Producer is required to provide documentation to IATP including copies of soil tests, farm plan, sample of seed, farm inputs, energy use in corn production (fuel, electricity, and heat), chemical application records and access to field for residue measurements. Producer must also provide data on crop production from Contracted Acres (yield) and economics associated with those acres (costs and income).

d. Producer will work with IATP upon its reasonable request to develop a more robust system of sustainability standards for production in growing seasons subsequent to 2011. The standards will address issues of water and soil quality, greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, biodiversity, etc., and be based on the following principles:

i. Strengthening the soil (improving soil quality)

ii. Protecting the air and water

iii. Sound nutrient management

iv. Resource efficiency and use of renewable resources

v. Promoting biological diversity and nature

vi. Respecting social and cultural heritage

vii. Economic sustainability

viii. Safe and healthy working conditions

ix. Safe packaging, transportation and storage

x. Stakeholder participation, transparency and simplicity