House Farm Bill Fails – Time for a New Approach to Address Major Issues for Farmers, Rural Communities, and the Environment

Today, the House of Representatives voted against a disastrous Farm Bill that was an affront to farmers, rural communities, our natural resources, and those struggling with hunger. The rejection of this partisan Farm Bill should send a signal to Congress that a dramatic re-set, grounded in fairness and sustainability, is needed in U.S.


Farmers in Minnesota, and across the country, are facing another year of global prices so low they don’t cover the cost of production. Increasingly, Minnesota farmers are turning to local markets and supply chains that offer more stable income, boost the local economy, and provide healthier food to our communities.

NAFTA renegotiation objectives fall short for farmers and the planet

The release of the Trump administration’s objectives for renegotiating NAFTA confirm the suspicions of fair trade advocates that President Trump would break his promise to create trade deals that are in the public interest. The negotiating objectives, which failed to incorporate input from civil society organizations despite detailed and extensive proposals, continue the administration’s trend of putting multinational corporations’ narrow interests first by using the same blueprint that shaped the failed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Candidate Trump railed against the TPP: Trum