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If you live in Minnesota, shaping the platform of the political parties to pay more attention to good food access and healthy, vibrant farms is something you have the opportunity to do on Tuesday, February 6 at 7pm with your fellow Minnesotans at the caucuses. Josh is joined by Nadja Berneche, chair of the St. Paul - Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Comission, and Leah Gardner, Campaign Manager for the Good Food Access Campaign of the American Heart Association to talk about how to caucus and what the group is asking people to do to promote good food access.

Just a note that we had a funky internet connection when we recorded to the cloud so the podcast quality is dubious. Josh appreciates your understanding and compassion as he journeys onwards toward being a better recording technician...

Here is a link to find your caucus location.

Here is the farm bill sign on letter that the group has sent to the Minnesota congressional delegation.

Here is the caucus resolution that the group is promoting.