IATP Articles and Reports

IATP announces retirement of Executive Director Juliette Majot

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) has announced the retirement of Executive Director Juliette Majot. Ms. Majot, executive director since 2014, informed the board that she will retire in early 2020. She will work closely with the IATP board and staff to ensure a smooth transition in IATP leadership.  

Data Gaps and Market Disruptions

If the financial markets were a global plumbing system, inaccurate or incomplete financial reporting would be leaks in the system. A leak here or there wouldn’t disrupt the public’s understanding of the financial risks of their investments and the solvency of the major market players.

Worldwide Civil Society Organizations Denounce US Government Obstruction of the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) Policy Convergence Process for Solutions to Food Security and Nutrition Crisis

While the world is experiencing a new rise in hunger and malnutrition for the third consecutive year after decades of decline, the US government is aiming at systematically undermining the role of the CFS as the foremost inclusive intergovernmental and international political platform to address the food security and nutrition crisis.