Fruits of NAFTA

In the early morning hours Monday, on a remote road near the Texas-Mexico border, Mexican marines picked a deadly and rotten piece of fruit when it captured Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, the sadistic boss of Los Zetas criminal cartel.

The 1 percent’s trade deals

This week, the House of Representatives will consider three pending U.S. free trade deals with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. The push to further deregulate trade seems to be one of the few things that President Obama and Congressional Republicans can agree on. And it represents, in stark detail, why so many around the country are protesting excess corporate power in Washington.

NAFTA Needs Fixing, PM Says

SUN VALLEY, IDAHO -- Canada will push for major changes to NAFTA that will cut short seemingly perpetual trade disputes over softwood lumber and other flashpoints, Prime Minister Paul Martin said yesterday.

Protecting Foreign Investors BIT by BIT

International business carries with it inherent risks, not the least of which is the risk of harmful measures taken by foreign governments. What options are available to foreign investors in these circumstances?

Kerry Announces Edwards As Running Mate

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Tuesday selected former rival John Edwards to be his running mate, calling the rich former trial lawyer and rookie senator a man who showed "guts and determination and political skill" in his unsuccessful race against Kerry for the party's nomination.

Making Sense of Global Chaos

Trying to divine how geopolitical gyrations will impact financial markets and economies is a challenging task. That's why business is booming for Richard Medley, head of Washington, D.C.-based research boutique Medley Global Advisers.