Harvesting Fuel: Cutting Costs and Reducing Forest fire Hazards Through Biomass Harvest

This study was designed to provide information on two sets of challenges to the development of biomass markets in and around the Superior National Forest: 1) economic and operational issues faced by loggers; and 2) environmental constraints of concern to and managers, scientists and policymakers involved in developing and refining biomass harvest practices.

Lofty Prices for Fertilizer Put Farmers in a Squeeze

At a time when food prices are soaring world-wide, so is the price of fertilizer, producing huge profits for leading fertilizer makers and stirring anger among farmers in the U.S. and India. Fertilizer prices are rising faster than those of almost any other raw material used by farmers. In April, farmers paid 65% more for fertilizer than they did a year earlier, according to the U.S.