Press Release

Controversial Trade Deal Criticized for Secrecy, Benefiting only Multinationals

Minneapolis/Washington D.C.–After years of negotiations behind closed doors, it appears that the 12 countries that make up the Trans Pacific Partnership have reached a deal. While the details remain secret, the new trade rules could have serious impacts on farmers and ranchers, consumer labeling, farm to school programs and other state and local policies supporting local food systems.

More than 350 organizations from around the world oppose greenwashing and false solutions of ‘Climate Smart Agriculture'

Minneapolis–One year after the launch of the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture (GACSA), more than 350 civil society organizations from around the world, including the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), rejected the ill-defined agenda of the Alliance as an empty marketing slogan, distracting governments from the transformational changes that are needed in agriculture

Fast Track stalls in the House

Washington D.C.–Following months of intense public opposition to Fast Track, the House of Representatives today defied the Obama administration’s trade promotion package. The debate over Fast Track blurred party lines.