No New Round - August 24, 2001

There was a great deal about the outcome of the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations that did not make me happy. One important exception was the promise that the creation of the World Trade Organization would end forever the need for any future "rounds" of negotiations.

Cracks in the Global Foundation - April 25, 2000

Many, including those on op-ed pages around the country, dismissed the tens of thousands of people protesting the World Bank/International Monetary Fund (IMF) earlier this month as misguided, anti-globalization, flat-landers. This would be a mistake.

Genoa: Chaos or Opportunity - July 27, 2001

The killing of one protestor and wounding of more than a hundred others in Genoa is yet another sign that our systems of global relations and governance are not working.

Great Lakes Go Global - May 18, 2000

With the global economy transporting natural resources like wood, food, and oil around the world like never before, it's not surprising that the newest commodity export is water.