World Trade Organization - Handbook on the Dispute Settlement System

A HANDBOOK ON THE WTO DISPUTE SETTLEMENT SYSTEM This guide has been prepared by the WTO Secretariat to explain the practices that have arisen in the operation of the WTO dispute settlement system since its entry into force on 1 January, 1995. Its detailed content will be useful to expert practitioners as well as to those wanting to gain

Trade Benefits For Developing World Sought

Uganda's president and the president-elect of the Dominican Republic insisted Wednesday that developing countries must receive social benefits from free trade instead of simply opening Third World markets to multinational corporations.

UN Talks Aim To Bridge Trade Gap

Trade representatives from around the world start a week of talks in Brazil on Sunday, aimed at easing the impasse between rich and developing nations. While the main event - the four-yearly UN trade conference - opens on Monday, a host of other meetings on the sidelines are getting under way.

Farm Aid Dominates Trade Talks

SAO PAULO Rich and poor nations on Sunday began trying again to narrow their differences over farm trade and to put global trade talks back on track. Farm trade reform lies at the heart of the informal talks between ministers aimed at reaching basic deals in World Trade Organization negotiations before a window of opportunity closes in July.