The hype versus the reality of carbon markets and land-based offsets: Lessons for the new Africa carbon exchange

Minneapolis, April 21, 2011 — The Africa Carbon Exchange (ACX) was launched in Nairobi on March 24; yet only two days before, Bloomberg headlines announced “Global Carbon Credits Die as Smart Money Backs Indian RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates).”1 While the ACX is positioning itself to be the

Agriculture in the climate talks

tianjin, october 18, 2010 — The climate negotiations in China where countries finished negotiating for six days (October 4–9) wrapped up just over a week ago. This was the countries’ last chance to reach common ground for major decisions on global warming before the U.N.


Minneapolis, May 5, 2011 — 今年二月,联合国粮农组织(FAO)宣布中国陷入“粮食危机,”原因是百年不遇的干旱损伤了中国三分之一的麦田。这条消息引起了国际媒体的关注。中国是世界上最大的小麦生产国,每年产量约有1亿1千5百万吨,相当于国际小麦贸易额的总量。中国目前的粮食进口量不高,但是,假如中国转向全球市场出高价购买粮食来缓解因干旱而引起的“粮食危机”,粮价有可能急剧上升。

Food safety going global

Minneapolis, February 22, 2011 — Many argue that globalized trade creates a “race to the bottom,” where the country with the weakest regulations or lowest wages ultimately sets the standards in the global marketplace. Something different may now be happening around food safety: Global forces are putting pressure on U.S.

Is famine the new normal?

Minneapolis, February 7, 2011 — When global food prices spiked in 2007-08, a hundred million people were added to the ranks of the world’s hungry, pushing the total number over 1 billion for the first time in history. Now, just two years later, we are seeing another food price hike, and more famine is likely to follow.