Five Reasons Carbon Markets Won’t Work for Agriculture

Carbon markets are viewed as the primary source of climate financing. The experience to date demands a reevaluation of their ability to exact real, sustainable change, particularly in relation to agriculture. Here are five reasons why poorly designed and regulated carbon markets should not be part of a global climate treaty.

The Minneapolis Mini Farmers Market Project

While some Minneapolis neighborhoods enjoy a bountiful supply of healthy foods, others do not. IATP’s Mini Farmers Market project is helping to address this challenge by bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods that lack healthy food options. In 2010, 21 Mini Farmers Markets were operating across the city. Farmers markets

Why We Need Food Reserves

The recent food price crisis had devastating consequences for world hunger. During the peak of the crisis, from March 2007 to March 2008, the global price of rice increased 74 percent (most of that in a few weeks); the price of wheat more than doubled, rising 130 percent during the same period.

Food Reserves In Practice

Growing government interest and support for food reserves has been evident in various international forums of late. At the same time, policymakers have been slow to act, reluctant to move away from twenty or more years of economic orthodoxy that has insisted supply shocks are best resolved through international trade alone.

Minnesota Green Chemistry Forum Fact Sheet

The Minnesota Green Chemistry Forum is committed to fostering a common understanding among businesses, government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and academia to advance green chemistry practice and policy in Minnesota and nationally.

The New Climate Debt: Carbon Trading Wrapped in a Green Bond Proposal

At the May 31–June 11 Bonn negotiations on climate change, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) members will be trying to sell their new proposal on “green sectoral bonds.”1 Like a conventional bond, the “green sectoral bond” is a debt instrument issued for a specific purpose, in this case for investments to meet bond-stipulat