Uprooted Episode 56: Mexican Ag Reforms

Josh talks with Karen Hansen-Kuhn about her blog and work with Mexican farm groups as they prepare for major agricultural reforms following the election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Here is a link to Karen's blog: https://www.iatp.org/blog/201901/bold-farm-plans-mexico-offer-ray-hope-2019

Special Uprooted: Food Freedom Radio - NAFTA 2.0

Josh, Dr. Steve Suppan, and Karen Hansen-Kuhn were guests on AM950's Food Freedom Radio with Laura Hedlund. This show, on the NAFTA renegotiation, will air over Thanksgiving, but we're thankful to Laura for letting us put it out on the podast as well! 

IATP Analysis of "New NAFTA"

The text of NAFTA 2.0, or the US Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) was released at the end of September. IATP has done a thorough analysis of what the new agreement means for farming and food.