Trump and Mexico back down on farmer protections in NAFTA

NAFTA is often touted as a big win for U.S. farmers, but it would be more accurate to say it has been a win for global agribusiness firms who trade across borders. A proposed and reportedly rejected seasonal anti-dumping provision wouldn’t have solved all the problems with NAFTA—but it would have been a significant step toward balancing a playing field that tilts overboard toward agribusiness and away from farmers.

Uprooted: NAFTA Deadline Special

In a quickly put together special episode, Josh and Karen Hansen-Kuhn talk about what has happened this week with NAFTA as today's deadline looms to submit the intent to sign the deal to Congress.

Don't Look Behind the Curtain

In the wake of the G7 summit, the news was focused on President Trump’s astonishing demands to end all tariffs everywhere and to readmit Russia, as well as his insults of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Just days ago, most of the other countries’ leaders were focused on the imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs and the waves of retaliatory tariffs that were underway. Now, suddenly, that focus has vanished, with attention shifting to the next outlandish statement. 

Uprooted Episode 33: The NAFTA Endgame

Today, May 17th, is the deadline set by House Speaker, Paul Ryan, to have a NAFTA agreement on paper for Congress to take it up in 2018. Earlier this week, Josh talked with Sharon Treat and Karen Hansen-Kuhn about what the endgame might be for NAFTA and if anyone actually knows what is happening in this incredibly secretive process. 

Uprooted Episode 28: Your right to know - Labeling and NAFTA 2.0

This week we're talking about labeling, and the attempt to ban it, in trade agreements. Josh talks with Sharon Treat about why multinational corporations seek to undermine public health protections through the trade negotiating process, what the history of challenging food labeling has been, and what the heck is going on with NAFTA renegotiation these days.