Who's benefitting from higher farm prices

Higher prices for crops mean higher profits for farmers, right? Not so fast, says a new Policy Brief by Timothy Wise at the Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University.

Radio Sustain: August 10, 2010

IATP Food and Society Fellow Andy Fisher discusses barriers between those on food assistance and the fresh produce at farmers markets. Joe Rice, director of the Na-Way-Ee Center School in South Minneapolis, tells us about the schools garden and how it connects the students with the earth, their food and native traditions. Pastor Steve Lomen, operator of the St.

Radio Sustain: July 17, 2006

Kathleen Schuler on a new report that tracks the economic impact pollution has on Minnesota, Don Arnosti on sustainable tree harvesting at the Leopold Center in Wisconsin and Dennis Olson on U.S. farm subsidies in the run-up to the debate over the Farm Bill.