Some new chemicals are added to foods as part of the production process, other chemicals end up within food through external contamination. Many of these food and feed contaminants evade regulations that should be protecting our health and the environment. IATP has focused on strong public interest protections from intentionally added antibiotics and arsenic to animal feed, to the presence of mercury, dioxins and other toxic chemicals within processed foods and fish.

Healthy Legacy

Healthy Legacy, founded in 2006 by IATP and Clean Water Action, is state-wide coalition in Minnesota comprised of over 37 organizations working to educate consumers, work with leading businesses, and promote policies that are protective of public health. Many of the articles included below under Hormones were also published by Healthy Legacy.

Keep Antibiotics Working 

In 2001 IATP co-founded Keep Antibiotics Working, a national coalition of health, consumer, agricultural, environmental and other advocacy groups with more than 9 million members. The coalition was formed to combat the antibiotic resistance crisis in human medicine by ending the unnecessary overuse and misuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture. The new campaign was announced at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. and a press release was issued: Antibiotic Resistance Threat Spurs National Campaign to End Drug Overuse.

Lower Sioux Head Start
Community Food Systems